Burlington is a diverse haven for residents at every stage of life. It is a city rich in Arts and Culture, brimming with waterfront marinas, parks and festivals. Known for its many waterfalls along the escarpment, it further offers its inhabitants an appealing variety of homes and lifestyles. Everything from lakefront estates and condos, to warm and friendly neighbourhoods bordered by golf courses is available in this beautiful city.



Noted For

Appreciation and cultivation of the arts, dining, and outdoor recreation. Family friendly neighbourhoods with fabulous schools and amenities.

Perfect For

Those who are raising a family or are downtown professionals who want to live an active lifestyle.

Prevailing House Style

52.4% of private households live in single-detached houses

Prevailing Trends

Mature areas mixed with new development, great infrastructure and growth with the amenities in mind.

You'll Fall in Love With

The scenic Waterfront Trail, the iconic Queen’s Head Pub, and the rich sense of community fostered by countless public events such as the annual Sound of Music Festival.

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What to Expect

Interested in homes in Burlington?

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