Property Description

Super rare 1-plus acre lot with ideal proportions for the construction of an estate type home, specifically lot frontage (160 ft). Lot depth is 298 ft and the lot pies out to 170 ft at the rear lot line. This sets up really well for putting in a full-sized tennis court in addition to all the other "I want" outdoor amenities, such as an oversized pool, pavilions and an outdoor kitchen.

This lot allows for the construction of a 2-storey home of up to 14,000 sq ft.

Site Statistics:

Zoning:                                      RL1-0

Lot Dimensions :                       160' frontage x 298' x 298' x 170'

Lot Area:                                    49,170 sf, 1.128 acres

Allowable Gross Floor Area:      29% (14,260 sf)

Max Height:                               29 ft, 6 in

Front yard setback:                   35 ft

Side Yard Setbacks:                  13 ft 10 in

Maximum house width:             132 ft

This property is NOT under the jurisdiction of Halton Conservation and is a very clean lot in terms of trees which can limit the build-able area or location of the home. This lot is ready for construction.


  • RL1-0 Zoning
  • 1.128 Acres
  • 35ft front yard set back
  • Allows for construction of 14,000 sf 2-storey home
  • Lot ready for construction



Arguably the most desirable location for custom home building in Oakville, this area is lush with 100 year old trees, large lots offering loads of privacy, and a tranquil, Muskoka-like feel to the community. Typical lots are 100 ft wide by 150 ft in depth, though ¾ of an acre is not uncommon. Builders and individuals looking to construct their dream homes can expect to pay between $1,500,000 - $3,000,000 on these prime plots of land.

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